They are the places Brits dream off visiting to escape the chill and sleet. Here are the top 6 destinations Brits would love to visit at Christmas. starting with ...

Who wouldn't wish for a trip to Santa's stunning home and a chance to meet the big guy in person?

1 - Lapland, Finland

Maybe it's all those Christmas rom-coms, but the Big Apple is a big  draw at this time of year.

2 - New York

You might think even colder weather would put people off, but the spectacular island is hugely popular - even with volcanoes!

3 - Iceland

The Austrian capital is renowned for its amazing architecture and spectacular Christmas decorations.

4 - Vienna, Austria

Swap the snow and ice for a stunning sandy beach and a warm Caribbean welcome.

5 - Barbados

This Swiss city delivers Christmas like a plate full of nutty chocolates; they are spoiling us.

6 - Zurich, Switzerland