These are the UK cities that are said to be most affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD.

A study found they had the least sunshine in the UK, and therefore the lowest natural dose of the so-called 'happy hormone' serotonin, a key factor in preventing SAD.

Crowned the saddest city was Glasgow thanks to only 1,233 hours of sunlight a year - compared to the sunniest place in the UK, Chichester, which boasts 1,918 hours.

Another Scottish city, Inverness, also scores badly on the happiness scale, coming in second with just 1,249 hours of sunlight.

In joint third place are the English cities of Manchester and Salford, which both experience an average of just 1,265 hours of serotonin-boosting sunlight.

Belfast and Armagh saw slightly more sunshine - 1,277 and 1,279 hours, placing the Northern Irish cities in fifth and sixth place while Stirling came in joint sixth with 1,279 hours.

Eighth is Dunfermline which sees 1,295 hours of sunlight, while in ninth and tenth place were Lisburn in Northern Ireland, with 1,345 hours of sunlight, and Preston,with 1,367 hours.