The Italian town of Comacchio in Emilia-Romagna is often dubbed "Little Venice" thanks to its network of picturesque canals.

The town received its nickname after it was built on 13 islands connected by bridges and a maze of canals.

While the architecture of Comacchio and Venice is very similar, their price points are very different.

Sun Online Travel has found hotels in the centre of Comacchio for £50 per person per night at the start of the peak season.

Meanwhile, similar hotels in the heart of Venice cost at least twice the price, with many costing £150 per person per night.

There are plenty of things to see in Comacchio, including the Trepponti - a 17th-century bridge. Originally built as a defensive gate, the bridge is home to two small towers.

There are several other things to see in the small Italian town too, including Loggia del Grano - the town's clock tower.