It's been six decades since Doctor Who made its debut. Ncuti Gatwa will play the 15th Doctor, but the family-friendly BBC show has had some scandalous moments across the years.

Nicola Bryant, who appeared alongside 6th Doctor Colin Baker, said she never wore "proper clothes" and once turned blue due to wearing a bikini in sub zero.

The show also had some sexy spin-offs after its cancellation in 1989. Colin Baker and Sophie Aldred appeared in far raunchier films made by fans

In a bizarre film dubbed "horny" by online fans, Colin - playing a similar character to the Doctor - stands behind the mysterious Miss Brown as they both talk while half naked in a water-filled cave.

Second Doctor Patrick Troughton lived a double life for decades, with even his own mum dying believing he was still with his wife 24 years after he left her.

In 1989, cast and crew were filming episode two of the 'Battlefield' serial, but one star almost drowned in a water tank. Quick-thinking Sylvester McCoy saved the day by alerting the crew.

When it launched in 1963, the kids' sci-fi show had children hiding behind the sofa and one episode was so scary that even the police complained about it, with Scotland Yard writing a letter to the BBC.