with a very tasty winner


It's that time of year when mince pies become a must in everyone's shop - and not just for Christmas Day! Here we review the supermarket offerings - and the market leader.

Mr Kipling Deep Filled Mince Pies £1.35 for six (39p each) The priciest, despite the least mincemeat filling – just 45%. But a lovely Christmas spiced flavour. Taste: 8/10 Value: 4/10 Total: 12/20

Tesco Mince Pies £1.25 for six (21p each) A festive, spiced citrus peel taste but just a little bit too sickly sweet. 49% mincemeat. Taste: 6/10 Value: 8/10 Total: 14/20

Asda Mince Pies £1.25 for six Gluey, stodgy pastry and although 49% mincemeat, there didn’t seem much fruit in the filling. Taste: 5/10 Value: 7/10 Total: 12/20

Morrisons Mince Pies £1.45 for six (24p each) A really Christmassy spiced taste, with plenty of fruit. The pasty was just right. No listing for mincemeat. Taste: 8/10 Value: 7/10 Total: 15/20

Sainsbury’s Mince Pies £1.60 for six (27p each) A great tasting filling, with lots of fruit but the 46% mincemeat was the lowest we saw. Taste: 8/10 Value: 5/10 Total: 13/20

Aldi Holly Lane Mince Pies £1.25 for six (21p each) Really disappointing, with a gloopy, thin filling that had a burnt aftertaste despite 50% mincemeat.  Taste: 4/10 Value: 7/10 Total: 11/20