Man boob ops, ‘botched’ nose jobs and lip fillers that led to a TV disaster.

 Male stars who’ve gone under the knife

Robbie Williams recently revealed his plans to get Turkey teeth and a neck lift as a birthday present to myself. We look at the men who are speaking about their cosmetic surgeries.

In 2020, Joe Jonas opened up about using a Botox alternative called Xeomin, which removes unnecessary proteins under the skin.

Joe Jonas

Unusual 'injectables'

Back in 2013, Rylan Clarke splashed £25,000 on veneers but months later chose to replace them because they made his jaw swell.

Rylan Clark

£20k veneers

Speaking on Celebrity Juice, Paddy McGuinness said: "Oh I’ve had them done. I used to have massive sticking out ears."

Paddy McGuinness

Pinned ears

Miles Nazaire, The Made in Chelsea star, spilled the beans on having fat removed from behind his nipples and shared graphic pictures online.

Miles Nazaire

Nipple op

Sharing a photo, Charlie King pointed to the “out of control” scar tissue in his nose and the tip of his nose was “not right” or symmetrical.

Charlie King

Nose job

He said he felt “invincible” after undergoing surgery to remove his “moobs”. In 2016, Craig revealed he also had a nose job.

Craig Revel Norwood

'Man boob' surgery