Inside world’s most lavish caravan

that comes with its own GARAGE and five star finishes

Developed by the German motorhome pioneer Volkner Mobil, Performance S is a caravan that offers the best luxury and is suited for long trips.

The caravan was introduced in 2021, with a hefty price tag of £1.5m.

But the German maker has its reasons. The Performance S can fit an entire car underneath the cabin, with the under-vehicle garage emerging hydraulically.

It also has a high-end Burmester Stereo system which alone is worth almost £250,000.

There's also a full-size kitchen which features every single appliance that you could possibly need, even a dishwasher.

Not forgetting a seating area with a dining table, a motorised TV that can hide behind the wall, and a range of smart home appliances.

Next to the living area is a spacious bathroom with a heated toilet, walk in shower, large sinks and a mirror.