Inside creepy abandoned Tube station after it was sealed for 60 years – hiding an incredible secret

Part of Notting Hill Gate Underground was closed off for redevelopment during the 1950s, with a section still sealed off today

A corridor connecting train lines which was once bustling with commuters and tourists was rendered useless with the decision being made to keep it shut

But during routine maintenance a few years ago, decades-old posters were discovered. While some were adverts for products at the time, others were pieces of art and film billboards

One colourful advert is for the comedy film Too Many Crooks starring Terry Thomas and up-and-coming actor Sid James which had opened at the now demolished Odeon Marble Arch

Another is for the hit film Around The World in 80-days starring David Niven, which was still showing two years after opening at the Astoria in 1957

Film star Alec Guinness also appears in an advert for the 1958 comedy film The Horse's Mouth. He would go on to become Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars 20-years-later

The colourful walls used to lead commuters to old lifts which are no longer in use at the station, and the corridor has been untouched ever since it was boarded up