Incredible plan for flying SUPERCAR that transforms into giant drone-like helicopter with folding wings and rotors

The XPENG AEROHT eVTOL is a unique flying automobile that is being developed to pave the way for cars in the air.

Unveiled during the Xpeng Tech Day 2023, the AEROHT eVTOL gives an updated look at the company's future for flying cars.

Shifting from the concept of using two large propellers on fold-out arms, the company is now moving to a more practical four-arm system with eight-mounted motors on the wings.

The sporty-looking car will still store its flight gear internally, where it won't get damaged by highway debris.

The coaxially-placed propellers will help with extra control and redundancy.

Xpeng revealed a video of the car showing the vehicle's elongated roof lifting to allow the airframe arms to fold out.

Elsewhere in the cabin, the steering wheel retracts out of the way so the driver can take the joystick and become the pilot.