– cheap ways to dry clothes without creating mould and why a £6 gadget is key

As temperatures drop, many of us are looking for ways to dry laundry inside without sending bills through the roof. Lynsey Crombie, TV’s Queen of Clean, shares her advice.

Open windows to create a breeze and remove excess moisture from the air, or pop a fan on and position it to where your clothes are drying.

Keep Windows Ajar

Lynsey says: “Cheaper models often take ages to dry clothes, so if this is something you want, it’s worth looking at a higher-end model.”

Heated airers

If it’s not raining, your washing can go outside to dry, Lynsey insists. “My washing goes out even if there is frost on the ground,” she says.

Hang it outside

Coat hangers can also eliminate the need for ironing later. Hang from a drying rack to space out garments and shorten drying time too.

Use coat hangers

Using a tumble dryer is a more costly option. However, by removing lint after every use and cleaning the filter it can help speed up the process.

Keep dryer clean

Tumble dryer balls can speed up drying time by 20 per cent. “Avoid the plastic spiky ones and choose balls made with New Zealand lambs’ wool” Lynsey advises.

Use Balls