these are the best supermarket stouts

Guinness has long been the go-to brand for stout sippers, but now it is facing competition as younger drinkers turn to different dark tipples. Here, drinks expert Helena Nicklin tests the latest contenders to the throne.

Guinness Original Extra £2.50, 500ml, Sainsbury’s Guinness Original from the bottle is a very different animal to the dreamy, draft style you get in cans and from the tap. Great for food pairing. Lively and lovely.

Kirkstall Tiramisu £3, 440ml, Asda This dessert-inspired tiramisu-themed tipple has a frothy head but smells less like the espresso and chocolate you’d expect and more like a green pepper. The balance is just off.

Brewdog Black Heart £1.85, 440ml, Tesco Pop open the contemporary can and the ring pull sound is satisfying and the pour super silky. It’s elegant – and there’s a subtle cocoa bean nose and bitter kick when you glug.

Vocation Double Tonka £3.50, 440ml, Tesco The tonka-themed ale tastes nothing like you might expect. This stout is intensely strong and a little strange. And at an 8 per cent abv, it’s extremely boozy.

Velvet £1.50, 330ml, Asda Asda's own stout is on the rustic side. In the mouth, it’s spritzy but rich and the tastes are concentrated. However, the flavours don’t linger.

Northern Monk Pumpkin £3, 440ml, Tesco A porter is a heavily hopped brown malt drink. Thankfully, it’s more subtle than it smells. Not one for stout purists but a worthy limited edition.