I tried and tested Aldi’s new festive chocolate treats – the Marshmallow Brownie Bombs are divine

When it comes to Christmas, there are so many chocolate treats to choose from. And it can be hard to know what's worth splashing out on

But one food reviewer has insisted two things that are definitely worth getting for the festive season are Aldi's new offerings

He took to TikTok to share a video rating the treats, kicking off with the Marshmallow Brownie Bombs

He rated them "divine" adding: "The creamy chocolate outer coat keeps the brownie super moist, and it's a rich, dense brownie"

He gave them a 9.5 out of 10, before discussing the price - £1.99 for six - which he said might be considered "steep"

Next he tried the cookie dough mini bites - also from Aldi - describing them as "very indulgent". He added: "I'm really impressed with the quality of the cookie dough inside"

He said that while he "really enjoyed" them, they didn't quite match the brownie bombs, so he gave them a "solid 9 out of 10"