I tried 6 of the best facial steamers to lock moisture into the skin 

– how did a £23 version compare to a £129 product?

A cheaper alternative to pricey lotions and spa treatments is facial steaming, which locks moisture back into the skin. We tried out the bestsellers, rating them out of five.

Vanity Planet Aira Ionic £60, beautybay.com  The steamer took two minutes to heat up, which was longer than most, and it spluttered as the water supply ran out. Rating: 3/5

£59.99, boots.com  Great if you have problem areas on certain parts of your face, with an adjustable nozzle which could target for example your nose.  Rating: 5/5

Sarah Chapman £138, johnlewis.com  It has ionic and ultrasound tech, time settings of five or ten minutes and was gentle and effective on my skin.  Rating: 4/5

Steam Ahead Hydrating Facial Micro Steamer £29, magnitone.co.uk  It gives you a ten minute steam, employing de-ionised microsteam particles for a gentle, deep clean.  Rating: 4/5

Stylpro Spa £34.99, asos.com  It’s a good height, so comfortable to sit with, and has a quick heat-up time and great steam distribution.  Rating: 5/5

Bauer Facial Spa Steamer and Inhaler £23.87, amazon.co.uk Modestly priced, it does  the job, but is a little uncomfortable. My skin felt noticeably clearer after using it. Rating: 2/5