the winner left me feeling ‘healthy’ again in 20 minutes and only cost £3

I tested well-known cold and flu remedies-

Lemsip Max Best for: Cough, congestion, sore throat, headache After 20mins of sipping, many of my symptoms began to lift. Pain reduction: 9/10 Efficiency: 8/10 Longevity: 8/10

Hot honey & lemon Best for: Cough and sore throat I noticed my persistent coughing had died down. Pain reduction: 6/10 Efficiency: 6/10 Longevity: 4/10

Steam inhalation/Vicks VapoRub Best for: Congestion Breathing in hot air provided me with instant relief, albeit not for long. Pain reduction: 7/10 Efficiency: 8/10 Longevity: 4/10

Echinacea Best for: nothing I took it in pill form for three days, but felt just as unwell and miserable. Pain reduction: 0/10 Efficiency: 0/10 Longevity: 0/10

Chicken soup Best for: Headache and  sore throat Briefly reduced my headache and my sore throat. Pain reduction: 5/10 Efficiency: 7/10 Longevity: 5/10

A curry Best for: Congestion Moments after finishing my meal, the stuffiness was back and my throat was still sore. Pain reduction: 5/10 Efficiency: 6/10 Longevity: 3/10

Beechams All in One Oral Solution Best for: Headache and  sore throat Within 10 minutes, my sore throat was gone. Pain reduction: 7/10 Efficiency: 7/10 Longevity: 7/10