with heart-shaped accents, my boyfriend loves it too

I spent $20k transforming my home into

Barbie’s pink dream house

Hannah Dahl, 28, was trying out different hues on her home in Los Angeles, California, when she painted the wall pink and the idea hit her.

The results were so picture-perfect that she began renting the living space out for photoshoots.

She spent a year transforming it, creating a whimsical, Barbie-inspired design.

Hannah found unique items such as vintage mirrors and dressers sourced from social media, eBay, Etsy, and estate sales.

Barbie-esque touches include a heart-shaped mirror flanked by pink candles, hanging above a pink couch.

Hannah had always loved pink and Barbie growing up but became obsessed with the colour while experimenting with paint shades.

But despite the investment, she decided to sell it to be closer to family and moved to Guthrie, Oklahoma in August 2023, buying a two-bedroom property with eight acres.