I made a whole Xmas dinner in an air fryer

It was quick & cheap but a crucial part was disappointing

Could using an air fryer decrease not only your costs but also your stress levels when cooking on Christmas Day?

Our reporter, Ellie, decided to find out using one of the more basic models with just a single basket - a Tower Vortx T17024.

She bought all frozen items for ease - and luckily most of them included air fryer cooking instructions.

After cooking the turkey, she popped in potatoes and parsnips, added stuffing and pigs in blankets, and finally the sprouts. She used the hob for gravy.

She was keen to tuck in, and found the roasties lacking crunch. However the parsnips, stuffing, pigs in blankets and sprouts were spot on.

However, the key element - the turkey - was bone dry and pretty inedible, even with gravy added.

The process took less time and money than an oven. But the turkey was a huge disappointment, with Ellie suggesting using the oven costing £1.04 versus the fryer's 78p.