£325million party plane that has a dance floor & even a balcony for ‘VVIPS’

German Airline giant Lufthansa has unveiled the designs for a jaw-dropping party plane - and the exorbitant price is too much even for a Millionaire.

The design accommodates 12 VIP passengers but the studio can vary the design to accommodate up to 47 people.

The designers of the extravagant concept said that it would be less of a plane and more of a "multifunctional exploration vessel" that just happens to fly.

The concept aircraft, named the Explorer, has a lounge area with a projection system built into the walls and ceilings that display virtual day and night skies.

Digital renders show the multi-functional lounge can be transformed into a "flying discotheque" by night for VIPs to party in mile-high style.

There is a full-blown balcony with a glass floor that can open up to offer passengers a unique view of the surroundings at an elevation of 13ft.

Millionnaire guests can enjoy the extravagant bedrooms and other living areas which are located at the rear end of the aircraft.