Exploring the 10 Must-Watch Coins in Numismatic

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Highly sought-after due to its visible doubling on the date and inscriptions.

#1: 1969 S Lincoln Doubled Die Cent

Valuable among collectors for its limited mintage and historical significance.

#2: 1901 S Barber Quarter

Recognized for its beautiful design and collectible appeal.

#3: 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter

A rare coin with notable value in numismatic circles.

#4: 1913 S Barber Quarter

Famous for its noticeable doubling on the front side of the coin.

#5: 1955 Lincoln Doubled Die Obverse Cent

Coveted for its scarcity and association with historic events.

#6: 1916 D Mercury Dime

Highly valued for its low mintage and collectible status.

#7: 1877 Indian Cent

Notable for its association with Victor D. Brenner, the coin's designer.

#8: 1909 S VDB Lincoln Cent

Rare due to an error that resulted in the buffalo having only three legs.

#9: 1937 3-Legs Buffalo Nickel

Known for its rarity and desirability among collectors.

#10: 1885 Liberty Nickel

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