China’s doomed abandoned skyscraper dubbed  ‘The Walking Stick’ that’s twice as tall as The Shard but was never finished

Dubbed "The Walking Stick" because of the structural shape, Goldin Finance 117 would have been the fifth-tallest building in the world, if finished.

The tower is at a height of 1,957 ft and is 128 storeys above ground, with 117 of them planned to go for housing, hotel, and commercial space.

Construction of this ambitious project began in 2008 when cities across China were vying for their place on the world stage.

It was supposed to be the centrepiece of billionaire Pat Sutong’s “Goldin Metropolitan” scheme – a high-end residential and central business district near downtown Tianjin.

The scheme was aimed at the super-rich - with multiple residential and commercial towers, French and Italian-style manors, a wine museum, extensive gardens, and even a polo club, on offer.

However, the development of the project was first suspended in 2010 due to the fallout of the Great Recession.

Eventually, construction resumed again in 2011, but the project was dropped indefinitely after the Chinese communist regime banned skyscrapers going beyond 1,640 ft.